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Things Get Lively at Eva's Dead Body Premiere
By: Clare Kleinedler
TV Guide
It was a Desperate Housewives reunion on the red carpet of Eva Longoria's new flick, Over Her Dead Body, in Hollywood Tuesday night as her television family came out to support her. Longoria, looking stunning in a dusty-rose J. Mendel cocktail dress, posed for photos with fellow Housewives Nicollette Sheridan, Felicity Huffman and Brenda Strong. Sheridan and Huffman also brought their own support in the forms of their other halves, Michael Bolton and William H. Macy.

Longoria's costars in the film, Kali Rocha (aka Grey's Anatomy's Dr. Sydney Heron) and Jason Biggs, had big announcements to make to TV Guide. "I'm pregnant!" said a glowing Rocha, patting her barely there bump. She also mentioned that she will "absolutely" be coming back to Grey's in the future, noting, "I like that I was able to dump Patrick Dempsey['s Derek]. I enjoy that I get to bop in and out."

Biggs, on the other hand, was glued to his date, actress Jenny Mollen, and for good reason: The two recently got engaged. "It just kind of happened," he says. "We were in the Caribbean and I just kind of did it, I didn't even have a ring. But it's on its way — she doesn't know it yet. I am planning another big proposal when it comes." Oops, guess the cat's out of the bag now, Jason!

Costar Lindsay Sloane — who on Entourage slept with Vince because he was on her "list" — told us she may be coming back to TV. "Jason [Biggs] and I met through this movie and realized our chemistry and our timing is very similar and in sync, so we are trying to develop something together. It will probably be a sitcom and we will definitely play a couple in some capacity. We just want the strike to end so we can get on with it!"

Longoria told us that she is actually enjoying the time off that the strike is affording her. "I've been cooking a lot for Tony. My specialty is Mexican food and my favorite thing to make for him is tortilla soup." — Clare Kleinedler