Interviewing | Credibility
“ Clare is a talented writer with a keen eye for telling detail (and for previously unnoticed great stories). Her work ethic is beyond reproach. My only wish is that she would work for us more. But even with that thought, I would recommend her for most any writing effort.”

Bryan Alexander
West Coast Deputy Bureau Chief
People Magazine

“ Clare has been a regular guest on my show giving her take on life in Ireland. Her observations are engaging, witty but above all entertaining.””

Gerry Kelly
Presenter of The Late Lunch - LMFM Radio

“ Clare was a fantastic addition to our radio show, proving to be an ever reliable and excellent contributor who was always thoroughly prepared. Aside from that, she was a pleasure to have in every week even when it was before 9am on a Saturday morning! ”

Helen McCormack
Producer of “Anything Goes with Gareth” - 4FM, Ireland

“ Clare was able to quickly understand our company's direction, position in marketplace, and marketing strategy which provided an easy working relationship. She was not only able to deliver our message in clear concise and descriptive manner but she also turned every project around in a timely manner ”

Jeff McCollum
President of Cake Marketing

“ Clare is adept at making her subjects drop their guard in her presence, resulting in revealing interviews. She is ambitious, aggressive and self-motivated, qualities key to being a sucessful reporter. ”

Michael Goldberg
Founder of Addicted to Noise;
former editor, Rolling Stone

“ Clare was able to quickly grasp our marketing concept and deliver the message in the appropriate "voice" to the end consumer with little direction and even less lead time. ”

Ryan Spencer
Vice President of Business Development ;

“ Sure, Clare is a great writer—thorough, creative, insightful and entertaining. But she is also a dream to work with, always cooperative, reliable and good-natured in the face of the (sometimes exhausting) editing and publishing process. She is the picture of professionalism. ”

Jessica Mueller
Senior Editor,
Intermezzo Magazine

“ Clare has that much-talked-about but extremely rare skill of really capturing a place she has traveled to in clear, evocative language that grabs the reader from the first line of the story. I was so impressed by her recent story in Intermezzo, “Market Day at La Merced”: after only a few days in Mexico City, she nailed the place. Reading the story, I was immediately transported back to the sights, sounds, and smells of one of the most fascinating places in the world. ”

Catherine Craddock-Carrillo
Commissioning Editor, Mexico and Central America
Lonely Planet Publications

“ It is with great pleasure that I recommend Clare Kleinedler as a talented editor and writer. I'm confident that she would make a valuable contribution in a variety of editorial capacities. ”

Kristine Kern
Former Managing Editor
WIRED Magazine

“I identify Clare with discovery stories, wherein she acquaints her readers with what comes next. Her stories are characteriscally well conceived, throughly researched and reported, and convincingly written.”

John Burks
Journalism Department Chair
San Francisco State University